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Vaginal Fat Liposuction

Excess fat may become a nightmare for all people. Both men and women’s life gets harder as they gain more weight. Self-esteem and psychological depressions related to excess fat are just some of the main problems. However, life can be tougher in the eyes of an overweight woman. Especially, the excess weight is a handicap when it comes to sex life. Some overweight women simply don’t want to stand the excess skin and fat in the mons.

However, where all the methods fail, liposuction takes care of the business. Vaginal fat liposuction is one of the safest methods to fight against the excess fat and the skin located on the mons. But there are few people who claim themselves as candidates for such procedures. The reason for this is easy to figure out, people may even be shy about mentioning such situations and it’s even harder than talking to get an aesthetic procedure.

How is Monsplasty Done?

The term monsplasty is used to define the process of removing the excess fat located in the vaginal area. Before the surgery, the surgeon builds an individualized surgery plan for the patient. There generally will be an open discussion about how the mons The patient is typically administered a general anesthetic.

The patient is administered a local anesthetic. In order to provide the best comfort during the surgery, little incisions with sedation are performed by the surgeon. The patient is given a general anesthetic to be readied for the main surgical process. The excess skin is removed by the surgeon and the wounds are sutured after the process. If the person is overweight and is troubled by the excess fat located in the mons, performing liposuction over the vaginal area is always beneficial and up to the surgeon’s choice.

Even the most complicated constructive surgery types provide a fast recovery. Monsplasty patients are expected to return their work within 2 days. The full recovery needs at least two weeks. During this time the patient should consume lots of water and avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as well.

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