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Infra-Red Light Therapy After Cosmetic Surgery

The sun is the source of our lives. It rays have dangerous as well as beneficial elements that essential to all life. In the sunlight there are many wavelengths such as infrared and ultraviolet. However, you cannot see any of them with your naked eye.

The scientists led the way in developing many different kinds of infrared and laser therapy devices in the early 1990s. Today we use these inventions in a range of personal applications to improve the skin, to keep it healthy, and to get a more vital appearance. We also use infra-red light in post-cosmetic procedures to helps you in the healing process.

Infra-red lights can travel deep into your tissue right under your skin, and they stimulate some materials—lymphatic drainage, deep into your skin to help carry away waste materials from tissues. It also feeds your damaged tissues by increasing blood circulation.

Infra-red light therapies can be very useful in helping to decrease swelling after cosmetic surgeries, especially when it is used in the first days after cosmetic surgery. Thus, anyone who underwent cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction, coolsculpting, and tummy tuck should consider infra-red light therapy after the days following the surgery.

If you get one of the cosmetic surgery types newly, you should immediately consider infra-red light therapy to reduce your swelling and help your healing process. One of the nice features of infra-red light therapy is relaxing and completely painless. It is most effective when applied 24 hours after surgery.

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