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Liposuction in Istanbul

Istanbul, the heart of Europe and one of the oldest places of wold civilization is still a cultural icon for its many features. It’s like a bridge between eastern and western civilizations. Today, she is considered one of the mainlands of the aesthetic industry. Istanbul is very famous for its aesthetic clinics that are capable of any kind of aesthetic procedures. From Liposuction to hair transplantation, from rhinoplasty to tummy tuck, whatever you may think of, those clinics in Istanbul can do it all. In this post, we would like to give some details about liposuction in Istanbul.

Clinics in Istanbul

It is said that there are more than 350 aesthetic clinics just in Istanbul. Most of these clinics have offices in different cities in Europe and the U.S. These clinics are challenged by European and American clinics and sometimes criticized by them because of the cheap prices. Some rivals of these clinics even suggest people not to go to Istanbul for such procedures. The main reason for this is the customer fight between these clinics.

However, you have your own eyes and ears. With a good search over the aesthetic clinics, you can see how good they are with your own eyes. The most important and reliable thing that you can do to trust them is to look at the reviews of their previous patients.

You need to gather the first and information from the previous patients of these clinics. You can personally ask them their before and after photos or if they’re allowed, you can visit the clinic’s websites for them. Most clinics share those photos as proof that they carry out good procedures under their supervision.

Clinics in Turkey, not just Istanbul offer you a package of services. You are picked up by the airport and taken to your clinic. After that, you are taken to your hospital where you will be spending your early 2-3 days of recovery during your visit.

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