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Sex After Liposuction

Most people start thinking about how their sex life will be like after they have had an aesthetic procedure. This is generally the most important thing that people care about first. There are certain aesthetic procedures like hair transplantation and it’s very hard to have sex during the recovery time after a hair transplantation procedure. What about liposuction surgery? When will I be allowed to have sex after liposuction? Or can I have sex during my liposuction recovery? Let’s try to give some proper answers to these questions in our post.

A liposuction procedure aims to give you a body with a better shape. You would like to see yourself with a perfect body, try out new outfits. Your new body will definitely increase the quality of the sex you have. Most people want a liposuction procedure just to have a better sex life. However, these people can still be so impatient about the first sex they are going to have after their liposuction.

When Is The Best For Sex After Lipo

you have recently had a liposuction procedure you are guaranteed to go to your work within a week. There are a couple of wounds on your liposuctioned area and the early recovery needs at least a week and there are certain things that you should not do during this time.

Your body needs lots of water during the liposuction recovery. During this regeneration process, the damaged tissue and skin will recovery themselves with water and healthy foods with a good amount of ingredients. During this first week, you should not have sex because your wounds are still sutured and may detach because of sexual intercourse.

After you’ve spent your first week in recovery if you feel like you don’t have any pain or experience any complication, you are good to go. You can have sex as you want. However, it is for your own best not to push yourself during sex.

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