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Breast Job Using Fat

Breasts are the top priority components of a female. The female appearance is generally associated with the breasts in every aspect of life. Some women like them big, some like them average, some, lifted and some droopy. However, there is the main problem with breasts which may women consider getting a breast job.

Some women are not happy with the size of their breasts and they want to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The breast job can be done with several methods. The most common method is the breast job using fat. Here in our post, we would like to tell you some crucial information about how the breast augmentation jobs are done

How is Breast Job Done

During a breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon gets help from several aesthetic methods. The patient is administered local and general anesthetic in order to receive the best comfortable breast augmentation surgery. The breasts are filled with a certain amount of fat cells extracted from several parts of the body. These fat cells are extracted with the help of little liposuction procedures and buttocks or abdominal areas are generally chosen for this job.

Little incisions are on the several areas of the breasts and the fat cells injected into these areas by the injector. After enough fat cells have been injected, the skin-lift jobs are done if it’s necessary. If there is some excess skin, it’s cut and both sides of the skin are sutured together. The surgeon may add extra skin tissue to the breast skin if it is needed. After that, the sides are sutured together and the patient is expected to stay at the hospital during the day.

There are no serious complications associated with breast augmentation surgery. Swellings or bruising are the most common ones, yet they are very rare. If you encounter severe complications, you should see your doctor and ask for some prescription drugs.

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