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Calf liposuction

Calf liposuction is the procedure that involves the reduction in the size of the calves by extracting the excess fat located in the area. The surgery aims to give the best shape to the contour of the calves. Calf liposuction is generally preferred when almost all the natural ways to get rid of the excess fat on the area have failed. Calf liposuction procedures have been performed for more than 30 years and become one of the most preferred aesthetic surgeries in the world. Throughout years, modern methods and techniques have been developed to perfect calf liposuction procedures and complications related to calf lipo have declined to significant numbers.

How is Calf Liposuction Performed?

Just like in every other aesthetic surgery, the patient’s diagnostics are scanned and the surgeon determines if he/she is suitable for such procedure. After that, the areas on calves where the patient suffers from excess fat are marked by the surgeon. There will generally be an open discussion between the doctor and surgeon on how the surgery will be performed. The surgeon typically builds an individualized surgery plan based on the desired shape of the patient.

The patient is given a general anesthetic, and then a cannula, a small thin tube is injected and moved around the excess fat to create a heated environment that causes the stubborn fat to break apart. Once the fat is displaced, it is extracted with the help of a surgical vacuuming instrument.

Calf Liposuction is one of the easiest and least complicated aesthetic procedures. Just like in every aesthetic procedure, it also has complications that are considered inevitable. Swellings, bruising, itching, inflammation, partial pain are among the most common complications.

The early recovery generally takes 2 to 3 weeks. After this period, swellings and bruising disappear and calves start forming their real shape.

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