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Lipo Before Fat Augmentation

The world has become so plastic for the last 20 years because of the developments in the aesthetic industry. People would like to have some fullness in their specific areas like buttocks, breasts, lips, and cheeks. These days, people’s own fat cells can be used to give that fullness in their specific locations. For example, lipo before fat augmentation is very common as surgeons generally use their patients’ existing fat cells to perform the fat augmentation procedures.

Did you notice that the number of celebrities whose breasts are bigger than the average is so high these days? And you can’t even conclude that these people have medical-grade silicones on their breasts because they look so natural. It’s actually half-natural because those breasts are the results of breast augmentation procedures.

During a standard breast augmentation procedure, a woman’s own fat cells are extracted from the several areas of her body with the help of liposuction. These extracted fat cells are later injected inside her breasts to increase them in size. If a surgeon uses enough amount of fat cells to give the fullness, it may become so hard for people to notice her breast augmentation job.

Medical-grade silicones used inside breasts are so identical. You can say that there’s something inside those breasts or you can guess there’s really something with that picture. These are possible but it’s very hard to identify a breast augmentation job and that’s the real point after all.

Most women prefer their abdominal areas as the donor areas for their augmentation procedures. Excess fat cells including under the abdominal skin are extracted with the help of liposuction. Lipo before fat augmentation is inevitable and we can also call it actually a fat transplant. Augmentation procedures are generally safe but complications are mostly inevitable when it comes to getting a cosmetic procedure like that.

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