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Fat Augmentation Complications

People may want to undergo several aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedures for several purposes. Celebrities and known personalities are the biggest influence over people who want to undergo such procedures, especially fat augmentation procedures. However, just like all the other procedures in the aesthetic world, fat augmentation complications are sometimes inevitable.

What is fat augmentation? How is it performed? Why so many people would like to undergo fat augmentation? Are there any risks? What is fat augmentation’s durability? Is it safe? Let’s try to answer these questions in our post.

Fat augmentation surgeries are not so much complicated, they actually have simple surgery principles. During a standard fat augmentation procedure, surgeons mark the areas on their patients’ bodies where they will be extracting fat cells for the augmentation procedure. These extracted fat cells are taken to a medical-grade tank and preserved for some time. After the preserved fat cells are ready for the injection process, the surgeon injects them into people’s recipient areas where they want to see some fullness.

Brazilian butt lift, lips, breasts even penis enlargement procedures benefit from fat augmentation methods. Most people think that augmentation procedures involve the use of medical-grade silicones. However, this is completely true because these procedures aim to provide the best natural look to the patients.

You can recognize a silicone-job with a single look, however, fat grafting procedures like breast augmentation are so hard to be recognized by other people. If you do not want a huge amount of fat cells injection on your, let’s say, breasts, an average fullness on your breasts will probably not make people think that yours is a silicon implantation job.

Sudden weight loss after augmentation procedures is the worst thing to do after a fat augmentation job. You are expected to keep your body stabilized with diet and fitness plans after your fat augmentation jobs because if you suddenly lose a high amount of weight you may lose your fullness on your body.

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