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Excess Skin Removal and Liposuction

Excess skin removal and liposuction are considered brother procedures. Most of the excess skin removal procedures include little liposuction incisions. The main reason for this is the situation in which saggy and droopy skin is mostly seen on overweight people.

Excess skin removal is generally called a skin lift job. For example, chin lift is the procedure that involves the removal of the excess skin on the chin area of the person. After that, the skin is sutured together by the surgeon.

A skin lift job can not be applied to everyone. The candidate should have elasticity in order to get the best result from a skin lift job. A droopy or saggy skin is not only a result of being an overweight person, but also encountered as aging.

Depending on their lifestyle, environment, and heredity, people may experience saggy skin of different ages. Even a person who is in his / her early ages may suffer from droopy skin.

Skin Lift Job with Liposuction

Nobody goes to a surgeon and says ” I want to get a liposuction surgery ” or ” I want to get a skin lift job “. People go to the aesthetic clinics and simply say that ” I want to get this saggy skin fixed “.

A plastic surgeon creates an individualized surgery plan for each patient. For example, if a person is overweight and wants a skin lift job, the doctor may suggest that there will be little liposuction procedures during the skin lift job. Doctors and patients may determine together on the options for the individualized procedures.

It is so likely for a surgeon to perform liposuction incisions on candidates who ask for some other aesthetic procedures like chin skin lift or neck lift. Young people who see the clinics for such procedures are generally overweight people and the saggy skin is the result of this kind of excess fat.

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