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Have A Dreamed Neck With Submentoplasty

The neck is one of the parts of your body that shows your age, and it also affects your facial appearance directly. Thin and long necks are considered a beautiful neck rather than a saggy and fat neck. For this, you may want to have a beautiful neck like many others if you have a saggy or fatty neck. One of the best methods that will make your dream true is Submentoplasty.

What Is Submentoplasty?

There are several techniques for dealing with a saggy neck. One of the most common neck lift procedures is submentoplasty. Submentoplasty is a kind of liposuction like platysmaplasty. Submentoplasty is one of the least painful treatments. Doctors can complete this procedure in 45 to 60 minutes. This approach is best suited for young candidates with little excess skin. Submentoplasty creates a youthful look by removing excess skin and fat from under the chin and tightened muscles. So, what are the candidate conditions for this procedure?

What Are The Candidate Conditions For Submentoplasty?

Although Submentoplasty is one of the safest procedures, it’s a cosmetic surgery procedure. To be able to undergo this procedure you should meet some requirements. You should these conditions to get the best results after the procedure.

  • The most critical condition of a submentoplasty is age and having strong skin elasticity.
  • You should have a good overall health condition.
  • Jowls shouldn’t include too much on the chin.
  • You shouldn’t have large fat in your neck area.
  • If you have diabetes or a chronic disease that leads you to receive chemical treatment like chemotherapy, you should avoid submentoplasty.

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