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What to Do Before Lipo?

Before you start to learn what is needed to be done before the liposuction procedure, you should understand the characteristics of this kind of surgery first. Liposuction is not performed to lose weight, it’s performed to give the patient’s body the best shape. You may gain weight even after the liposuction surgery and the fat will choose other locations to spread, not your surgically fat-removed areas and this is something even worse.

Before Lipo ( Liposuction ), the patient should definitely avoid smoking. Smoking may lead to hazardous conditions not just during or after liposuction surgeries. One of the most important things about this situation is that smoking reduces healing speed. Liposuction procedures are mostly considered safe because of the faster recovery time. If the person doesn’t heal in time, the incisions or wounds may cause some infections and additional swellings or bruising may occur on the liposuctioned area of the patient.

Should I Get A Liposuction Procedure?

You have to decide very carefully if you need liposuction surgery or not. Since the excess fat is displaced with the help of a cannula, the fat you gain after the surgery may be more likely to spread through the other parts of your body. This may even result in worse consequences.

The procedure is recommended to those who have ideal body weight. If a healthy person who has an elastic skin and meets the required body mass index, then everything’s just fine for the liposuction candidate.

Don’t think about taking some aspirin before your procedure. Aspirin is a drug that changes the clotting action of blood. Aspiring increases the rate of blood flow through the body, especially to the heart and is capable of preventing a possible heart attack. But during the surgery, it may cause over-bleeding and this may result in trauma or infection.

You can shave your legs and underarms before the surgery. But if the incision areas are too hairy it is not recommended to shave it completely. Even the smallest razor cuts or bacterias spread from it may cause infections around the area. Your surgeon will take care of everything such as shaving needed during the procedure.

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