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Is Liposuction Permanent?

Getting rid of unwanted excess fat in isolated areas of your body is a tough process. You can’t melt the fat in isolated areas of your body easily with some exercises and diets. Many kinds of research show that the definite solution to this problem is liposuction. That’s why liposuction is the most popular cosmetic treatment. However, the question may arise in your mind that whether liposuction is permanent or not?

Liposuction procedures are relatively expensive procedures. Hence, you may want to reach the best and permanent results at the end of the liposuction process. For this, when the first conversation with your doctor, you can ask that is liposuction permanent as a first question.

Liposuction offers a permanent solution

Liposuction treatment can be done in many ways such as laser-assisted, water-assisted, coolsculpting, and so on. Although there are several methods used in liposuction, all of the methods have the same goal. The purpose of all liposuction methods is to remove excess fat in a certain area of ​​your body. So, liposuction actually remove the fat from your body.

However, it is possible to replace the fat taken after the liposuction process if you allow fat to return. If you don’t care about your diet and exercise routine after liposuction, you may gain weight, and this may lead to the occurrence of excess fat in isolated areas of your body again.

All in all, whether the liposuction treatment is permanent is one of the most asked questions. Liposuction treatment with various methods usually offers permanent solutions. But, if you don’t care about your body after the liposuction process, extracted fat may be replaced by the new fat. If you want to learn more about liposuction, visit our blog, or fill out the form.

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