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How To Remove Scabs After Liposuction

Liposuction is the most preferred invasive fat removal procedure in the world. When you speak of an invasive medical procedure, it is inevitable that you will have scabs on your surgical areas during recovery. Scabs on surgical wounds usually fall by themselves, however, some may be more stubborn than others and may not simply fall. Scabs can be really annoying if they do not fall on their own and some people really like removing their scabs. However, one should know how to remove scabs after liposuction because it’s not a child’s play.

Liposuction wounds may require a long time to recover because most liposuction procedures are performed with other cosmetic procedures like skin lift. For example, a tummy tuck is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the world that involves the reconstruction of the abdominal areas of people.

It is our nature that our blood cells form scabs after bleeding on our skin. Our immune system immediately attempts to stop the blood flow from your body and this is how scabs are formed. They remain on your wound until it is ready to expose itself to outside. However, some scabs can be really stubborn which you may have to remove them on your own.

You can’t be so sure if your scabs are ready to fall or be removed. The best way to know this is baby oil and shampoo. You need to apply baby oil to your scabs and wait for some time. When your scabs become softer, you can try removing them off.

You should be very gentle with your scabs because bigger ones can be so tricky and you may still have a chance to have your wound under the areas in the middle.

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