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Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

There are both men and women who may not be okay with their bodies when it comes to speaking of aesthetic appearance. For example, men may want a bigger penis while women want Brazilian butt lifts and bigger breasts. Fat transfer for breast augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure these days. It is true that some women suffered from severe complications due to unskilled surgeons, however, today it’s different because surgeons are more skilled and experienced.

The fat cells needed for a fat augmentation procedure is harvested from several parts of patients’ bodies marked by surgeons. Many people would like to undergo a liposuction and breast augmentation procedures at the same time because the fat cells that are extracted with the help of liposuction can be used on breast augmentation procedures.

Several areas on the breasts are marked by the surgeon before the procedure. Fat extraction and augmentation sites are administered local anesthesia. The extracted fat cells are injected on the marked areas. Both the liposuction and the fat augmentation procedures are completely safe and patients are almost guaranteed to return to their work within 2 days.

It is probably the most performed breast enlargement procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry. However, in some situations, the breasts’ size may go lower depending on the overall body weight. If your body weight is not stable, meaning that you gain short-term weights so sudden and lose them in short-term periods as well. This unbalanced weight changes on your body may cause some of the injected fat cells to leave your breasts.

That’s why, if you consider getting a breast augmentation procedure, you need to know that you may lose the injected fat cells if you do not follow good fitness and diet plans. You consider it a fresh page in your life and act accordingly.

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