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Is It Necessary To Use Corset After Liposuction?

In liposuction or fat removal surgeries, whether the Laser or Vaser Liposuction method is used, a corset should be used after the surgery. After the liposuction procedure, corset and several other approaches are beneficial for the post-operative care process.

One of them is to have a continuous and regular massage and to ensure that the liposuction area becomes more regular with some devices.

The corset is also very important. Because in liposuction surgeries, doctors remove the fat tissue in a certain area. They take that fat tissue from the body, but the skin tissue on it needs to be adapted to that area. In other words, the skin tissue should not sag. For this, you should pay attention to liposuction techniques and ensure that this issue doesn’t occur. One of the most important tools that help in this regard is the corset.

Although the duration of the corset varies according to the liposuction or liposhaping technique, we generally recommend using the corset. Because it is of great benefit in the adaptation of this skin to the area where liposuction is performed.

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