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How Dangerous is Lipo?

If you consider getting a medical procedure like invasive liposuction, you need to know that there is always a risk of complications. Since it’s still an invasive medical procedure, liposuction may present the risk of complications like swelling, inflammation, bruising, pain, infection, and itching. However, all of these complications, except for infection, are not considered dangerous to the body if they do not occur at severe levels. So, how dangerous is lipo? What are the side effects of liposuction? Does liposuction leave permanent damage on the body? Let’s take a look.

Some complications like swelling are sometimes inevitable after the liposuction procedure. Experts and lipo surgeons suggest that lipo patients should not push their bodies by moving it too often during the day. When the body fluids can’t settle under the skin because of the treatment, swelling inevitably occurs.

If you do not suffer from severe swelling or any other complication, then you do not have anything to be afraid of. You simply rest and limit your body movements. Swelling gets worse when you keep moving your body often. Severe swelling situations may even cause liposuction failure…

There are not so many liposuction failure or fatality cases but both may happen. People should be extra careful after liposuction surgery. If you follow the post-surgery recovery instructions of your surgeon, then you will be just fine.

Some people do not take care of their liposuctioned body after the procedure. It is true that you will have a lovely body after liposuction but this does not mean that you will be immune to excess weight. If you keep ignoring your health and eat sugary and fatty food just like you did before, you can even have more excess weight than ever which may result in a worse body than ever.

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