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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Being an overweight person may bring some additional uncomfortableness other than just excess weight. Not all people gain weight in the same areas and with the same amount. Gaining different amounts of weight on different areas of the body may depend on several factors like; the way of living, genetics, gender, overall health condition, environmental factors, hormoınes, etc…One of the most common areal excess weight types is moob, slang for gynecomastia. There may be several reasons for moob, genetics and excess weight are considered the main factors. For the reduction of moob is almost impossible in natural ways, most people who suffer from this condition generally consider a male breast reduction surgery. However, gynecomastia may be treated with medications such as raloxifene which affect the person’s hormone level.

How Gynecomastia Surgery is Done?

A moob / male breast reduction ( Gynecomastia ) surgery can be performed by using several methods at the same time. The plastic surgery type that is used to treat gynecomastia is mammaplasty. The doctor builds an individualized surgery plan for his/her patient then marks the targeted area to be readied for surgery. The surgeon administers local anesthesia with some sedation. After that, the patient is given general anesthetic drugs to provide the best comfort during the surgery. Areola, nipples’ surrounding area is surgically adjusted to normal size. After the excess skin’s removal has been completed, all the incisions on the areola sutured by the surgeon.

Most people who suffer from gynecomastia are overweight people. But there are also people who naturally lost a considerable amount of weight and had to face a saggy, droopy breast. Those who managed to lose their excess fat naturally is performed mammaplasty only. But overweight people who can’t lose weight and have gynecomastia need to get a liposuction procedure as well. During the mammaplasty procedure, a little liposuction procedure in which little incisions are involved and the excess fat is extracted with the help of a cannula.

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