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Fat Leg Surgery

Fat leg, a common problem among people, especially women. There are millions of overweight people living in the world. There is nothing good about being an overweight person and it’s fact. However, in some cases, some people have really different kinds of excess weight problems. For example, some people may have extreme excess fat on their legs, buttocks, or belly area. Especially excess fat cells on the leg cause difficulty in walking and movement. Fat leg surgery is a common cosmetic procedure and has been a trend among people, mostly among women because of the high rate of success.

Fat leg surgery is actually a combination of liposuction and skin lift jobs. Some people may not be so successful at melt-out jobs like fitness or work-out programs, some people just may not have enough time for all of these. Fat leg surgery is similar to tummy tuck procedures, which involves the suck out and excess skin removal jobs on the abdominal areas.

The excess fat cells are displaced with the help of a small medical tube called a cannula that is applied to a surgical vacuuming device. The displaced excess fat cells are removed by vacuuming machine. Surgeons can also use the liposuctioned fat for cosmetic procedures like penile augmentation, breast augmentation, and Brazilian buttocks lift.

After the fat cells’ extraction from the legs, the excess skin on the legs is removed and the sides of the skin are sutured together. The procedure is highly invasive but it’s completely safe. There is always a risk of complications because fat leg surgery is a cosmetic surgery after all. However, slight swelling, inflammation, and itching are pretty normal after liposuction and skin removal procedures.

If you suffer from more annoying complications, you should visit your surgeon and ask for some prescription drugs. Depending on the case, you can also ask for proper lotions and creams.

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