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Death Due To Liposuction

People are always hesitant about liposuction procedures because it has happened in the past that some people died because of cutthroat lipo procedures. However, death due to liposuction was very rare and it’s almost not seen these days as well. Since it’s still an invasive cosmetic procedure, one should not forget that liposuction has its own risks and some complications can be almost inevitable.

There are many complications associated with fat removal procedures like liposuction. Many of these complications are a result of poor eligibility of candidates for anesthetic administration. However, no matter how good today’s lipo surgeons are, they can’t challenge the possible lies from their patients.

Almost every lipo surgeon asks for the medical record of his/her patients. They want to make sure that their candidates are medically eligible for an invasive liposuction procedure. Surgeons also build individualized surgery plans for their lipo candidates based on the information from their previous medical records.

However, some people may not have detailed medical records, and some people prefer to keep their diseases like a secret and do not share the truth with their surgeons. It has happened in the past that people lost their lives because they were not so eligible for anesthetic administration.

A lipo procedure requires both local and general anesthesia and those who have strong heart conditions should be away from a liposuction procedure. People with diabetes should also avoid undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Even if fat removal procedures of today are quite safe, you can’t be so sure that you’re completely safe because it’s still an invasive and complicated liposuction method which may result in terrible complications and even death.

However, it is still very hard to get yourself killed with a cosmetic procedure like liposuction, especially if yours is single session liposuction. The more lipo sessions you get the more dangerous your procedure gets.

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